Web Application Development
Portals: Portal is one of the most popular forms of design used by companies to promote their business. It is a website or an area within a website that draws visitor on basis of its content.
Olexa Interactive is acclaimed for producing incisive portal that boost company business.

Vortals: A Vertical portal is defined as Vortal. Using a Vortal the user can only search within the narrow subject matter that the site offers. We also provide service for designing & developing Vortal.

Social Networking / Community Websites: Social networks have become an integral part of the cultural fabric of the internet and their rapidly growing and demographically appealing audience has attracted the attention of advertisers. Community websites offers a platform to enhance interaction between diverse online groups and share their opinion with people they never even met. Community websites are groups of people who share common interests and activities. Most Community websites (also called social networking Websites) provide a collection of tools such as chat, messaging, video, photo-sharing, email, file-sharing, blogging, discussion groups and more. The greatest benefit of this communication is enhanced prospects of personal and professional growth.
Olexa Interactive helps you build Community websites to reach out to newly empowered consumers. You can also hire our services to customize your existing community websites for added features.